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I’ve always had a passion for working with women around pregnancy and beyond, mostly because when a mum makes changes in her nutrition and lifestyle, the whole family and potentially generations to come get to benefit. So I decided to study personal training, then advanced qualifications in 'postnatal exercise and holistic core restore' and 'pregnancy exercise and preparation for birth'.


I believe that knowledge is power and I’m on a mission to share the passion, knowledge and skills that I have learned as a maternity nurse, fitness mentor, and mama (I’ve since had baby number 3, Gracie), to help others create a life that is full of mindfulness, movement, and nourishment in every way, every day. 


So I started fit4mama, THE place to be for mamas who want to feel powerful and confident in body, heart and mind.

Then, after having baby number two (Blake) I STILL found no appropriate fitness classes nearby, ones that would now help me heal my diastasis (the separation of the stomach muscles due to all the growing that's going on inside) and leaky pelvic floor! So, I did some research and found some great exercises I could do at home which I then started teaching to my friends (by the beach, with the babies lying happily under a tree -happy days!) and guess what, my diastasis and leaky pelvic floor began to get better!


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